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2018-04-22 MTU issues with Docker [linux netcat] Troubles with Drone on Kubernetes false

Currently, I am trying out drone to automate building of docker images for my kubernetes cluster.

I have a Docker-in-Docker (DIND) setup in Kubernetes to enable building docker containers in drone. Yes, those are a lot of Docker layers! Kubernetes, then drone, the whatever Docker containers drone is building ... but it works! At least, now it does. Before, I noticed that I did not have network connectivity inside the build containers. DNS was working, but pinging did not. The .drone.yml file looks like this:

    image: docker:17.12.1
      - /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock
      - apk update
      - apk add make git
      - make

I did not want to use DIND containers for every build step, but drone should use a single DIND container for all builds to use. This was done like this in the kubernetes deployment:

  - image: docker:17.12.1-dind
    name: dind
    - containerPort: 2375
      protocol: TCP
      privileged: true
  - image: drone/agent:0.8
    name: drone-agent
    - agent
    - name: DRONE_SECRET
      value: [...]
    - name: DRONE_SERVER
      value: [...]
    - name: DOCKER_HOST
      value: tcp://localhost:2375

Exept, that did not work, showing the network connectivity issues mentioned above.

In the end, I tracked it down to an MTU issue, also mentioned here. The fix is a bit ugly, because the DIND container does not expose a straight way to set the MTU. The simplest solution (after looking into the DIND build environment) I found was to set the startup arguments for the DIND container explicitly in the kubernetes deployment:

  - image: docker:17.12.1-dind
    name: dind
+   command:
+   -
+   - dockerd
+   - --host=unix:///var/run/docker.sock
+   - --host=tcp://localhost:2375
+   - --mtu=1400
+   - --storage-driver=vfs
    - containerPort: 2375
      protocol: TCP
      privileged: true

With these changes, network connectivity for the build containers is restored, and drone can build docker containers without issues.

Hopefully, in one of my next posts I might describe how this blog is then automatically built using drone ;)