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About Me About Hannes Körber 2018-07-04 static main

I'm Hannes Körber, currently working as a system operator at Tradebyte Software GmbH in Ansbach, Germany.

I started working with computers when I was around ten years old. In the beginning, I mainly used them for gaming, but got more and more interested in the internals --- how a computer actually works.

In school, I started programming (Visual Basic and C#) and was completely blown away that I could TELL the computer what to do, whatever it was. I then began building my own computers, and after the german "Abitur" (comparable to a high school degree), I started studying Information and communications technology at Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg.

During my university years, I first came in contact with Linux. It was like discovering computers all over again. With Linux, I was free to do everything I wanted with my computer. A few months after having my first contact with Linux, I abandoned Windows for good and have not looked back. I quickly learned everything I could about Linux and computer science in general. By choosing computer science courses over Electrical engineering courses (which I still like and do as a hobby) I decided on my career path: Information Technology.

During my mandatory internship I worked at Tradebyte Software GmbH, a startup-become-medium-sized company offering SaaS solutions for eCommerce in Ansbach. After my internship, I stayed as a working student while finishing my master's thesis and started working full time right after graduation (ok, a one-month holiday in New Zealand was necessary!)